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Little Houses Group (LHG) focuses on community led family clubs and nurseries with a purpose. 

The clubs are open to both members and the public, and are unpretentious, fun and practical, providing families with a place to play, hang out, eat, work, and exercise. They are sanctuaries for parents, and places where children are allowed to be children. 

The Ofsted registered nurseries are welcoming and inclusive, providing high quality care and education, whilst working in partnership with parents to support their child’s development. The nursery’s experienced team of educators and carers have developed a bespoke educational programme that takes the best elements from a range of early years teaching practices, providing exceptional care, support, and structure for all. 


Located on 8-10 Heathman’s Road, London, SW6 4TJ, Little Houses Group’s newest site for Jesse’s House and Parsons House Nursery, is approximately 200m (equal to an approximately three minutes’ walk) south of Parson’s Green Underground Station, on the London Underground District Line (Wimbledon Branch).

The site is well-situated to local amenities and transport services, connecting multiple key locations locally and further afield.

The site is well-equipped to accommodate people of all abilities, with cycle routes to and from and appropriate pedestrian and cycle facilities.

Transport has been a key factor in the preparation of the planning application, with a Transport Statement and Travel Plan being submitted. The reports detail the existing highway network and connectivity of the site, a summary of the development proposals, the overall highway impact, and mitigation methods to encourage sustainable transport wherever possible. 

The development is policy compliant and will be ‘car-free’ except for two disabled parking spaces and an operational parking space; these spaces are not permitted for parent use. A total of 41 cycle parking spaces will be provided, including scooter and buggy storage for parent use.

The vast majority of parents and visitors of the nursery will be expected to live within a 15-20 minutes’ walking distance of the site, which is considered to be an acceptable walking distance. Therefore, it is likely that the majority of people visiting the site will either walk or cycle.

The proposals allow for a pedestrian management strategy, whereby staff would oversee and supervise the arrival and departure of children during peak drop-off/pick-up times. Similarly, as per other pre-school developments along busy roads or with lack of pedestrian facility, staff will be spaced out along Heathman’s Road, to direct parents safely along the network.

A number of transport related surveys and assessments have been undertaken to determine the overall impact on the local network. In comparison to the existing land use, the nursery-led development is expected to generate a reduced number of vehicles in comparison with the existing land use. 

It is expected that the net change will provide fewer trips due to the land uses attracting linked trips from the proposed nursery use, with the proposed flexible workspace and café expected to be entirely linked trips.

The impact of the proposed development would therefore be expected to have a negligible impact in transport terms.